In the Chair with Jatina Nixon

June 14, 2024 4 min read

In the Chair with Jatina Nixon

We tapped in with our master hairstylist for an exclusive interview.

In the dynamic world of natural hair care, expertise, passion, and a deep understanding of curl care are essential. At Mielle, we understand this, which is why we’ve turned to Jatina Nixon, our master hairstylist and a devoted artist in her craft, for an in-depth chat.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into Jatina’s profession, exploring her go-to products and her perspective on the evolving landscape of black hairstyling.

Learn what brings Jatina the most joy in her work, how she stays ahead with the latest trends, and her insights on debunking common black hair myths. Plus, find out why her clients trust her expertise in maintaining healthy, vibrant hair.

Read on to uncover Jatina’s must-have products and why they are essential in her hair care routine!

Jatina, styling & profiling at one of our recent events.


What aspects of your profession bring you the most joy?

Providing my clients with exceptional service brings me the most joy. I love educating my clients on how to take care of their hair, avoid damage, unhealthy hair and best practices for scalp care. 

It gives me great pleasure to know that I’ve helped someone recognize what a healthy hair journey looks like versus what they may have been accustomed to. The confirmation of them being pleased with my work and the results is the sweetest reward!

If you could only use one of our  products for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I’d have to choose the Avocado & Tamanu Leave-In Conditioner. 

Shop Avocado & Tamanu Leave-In Conditioner for $12.99

It’s a lightweight conditioner that moisturizes, helps seal the cuticle, provides heat protection for straight styles, and for me personally – I can actually use this as a styler when wearing a wash & go or twist-out. It’s literally the best of all worlds (lol). 

What are some common black hair myths that you’d like to debunk?

I would like to address and debunk two common black hair myths in hopes to set someone free so they can start living their best healthy hair life! 

Dirty hair does NOT make your hair grow – it actually inhibits it from growing at its best potential. Clean hair and scalp results in healthy hair. While our hair may continue to grow when it’s dirty, it definitely contributes to issues like buildup, breakage, and scalp conditions that are not favorable. This in turn results in hair that can’t flourish and grow longer and stronger than hair that is properly cared for. 

Secondly, we must trim our ends regularly. Trimming our ends does not make our hair grow but it helps retain length. If you don’t trim regularly, you will inevitably have to address it with a major trim or haircut and/or face breakage that causes more damage resulting in shorter hair – potentially positioning you back at square one or worse. 

Just book the trim! Trust me!

Why do you think booking appointments with black stylists has become a source of frustration? What are your thoughts on stylists having chaotic booking policies?

Booking appointments with black stylists have become frustrating and can appear somewhat chaotic for several reasons. 

In short, black stylists have become more educated. Not only in the hair space but also in the business space. They want to offer services tailored to their speciality but also want to be properly compensated for their knowledge and talent without overbooking and having clients piled up back to back and overlapping like in the past. 

Stylists are trying to provide quality hair care in a timely manner and want to honor appointment times but also address your issues & concerns, while still delivering a favorable outcome. Because of this, there are questions to answer along with requirements given prior to booking by way of “rules or policies” that can seem frustrating or off-putting. 

In actuality, these policies and procedures are put in place to protect the client and stylist. It promotes thorough preparation and allows for proper timing. 

If you had to create a hairstyle that represents your personality, what would it be?

If I had to create a hairstyle that represents my personality, it would be a haircut. I’m artistic, I’m simple, and I love making a statement. 

I’d tailor a haircut that captures me perfectly and execute it through angles and style that exude an expression without saying a word… and I’d probably wear it in a wash & go. BUT honestly, I’ve been thinking about a pixie lately!

How do you stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in black hair styling?

I am all about all things hair! 

It’s literally the first thing I see when I look at a person. It’s my passion. I’m always reading, researching, and taking classes to stay current in this space. 

I love to follow other hairstylists that inspire me in big & small ways. There are so many people I learn from and I take those small nuggets and apply them to my twenty six plus years of experience. I pay attention to detail and I love when things just make sense! If I don’t understand something, I’m going to find out. 

This is why I can be the stylist that I am today. 

Can you name a Mielle product you love, that you feel doesn’t get its flowers?

The Oats & Honey Soothing Shampoo –  it works well for all hair types! It’s a gentle cleansing shampoo with great moisture benefits, as well as scalp-soothing qualities.

I love using it for my weekly wash days!

 Shop Oats & Honey Soothing Shampoo for $6.99

From debunking myths to sharing her favorite Mielle products, Jatina’s wisdom offers a refreshing take on nurturing natural curls. We hope her tips and perspectives inspire you to celebrate your hair with confidence – stay tuned for more expert advice and hair care secrets from the talented team at Mielle.

Until next time, embrace your curls, and remember – your hair is your crown, wear it proudly!

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