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March 15, 2024 3 min read

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 By Capricia Alston


We’ve all been there before. You know…having the perfect plans for the day, picking out the perfect outfit, and setting it off with the perfect hairstyle — and as soon as you step outside your hair goes from yessss to yeah, no.

But don’t get it twisted, with every weather-induced hair problem you may have, Mielle has a solution. So lets’get right to it. Here’s your go-to guide of Mielle must-have curly hair products to keep your curls poppin’ and fly, not flying away. 

If you’re seeking the perfect balance of definition and weightlessness, consider incorporating these four standout products into your curly haircare routine.

Pomegranate & Honey Maximum Hold Gel Styler

Start your curl-defining journey with this multi-purpose gel formulated for natural hair styling. It can be used for everything from laying your edges to creating frizz-free top knots to keeping that perfect ponytail in tact. But the best part about it is that it will also keep your hair nourished and conditioned, too. Plus, it can be used for all hair types including thick, 4c hair.

How to Use:

  • Apply as need to dry/wet hair

  • Work desied amount through hair and style

  • For wash-and-go styles, rake through hair with fingers

  • Air dry or use diffuser 

HOT TIP: Try not to disturb your curls after setting with product. To refresh, lightly mist hair with water and style, as desired!


Pomegranate & Honey Maximum Hold Gel Style

Our Air Dry Styler Gel was formulated to elongate, clump and set type 4 hair for the perfect air-dried wash-n-go's. This innovative sprayable liquid gel delivers flexible control, medium hold and fast drying definition. So when it’s time to style your strands and time just isn’t on your side, here’s your solution.

How to Use

  • Mist as needed onto hair, making sure to pay special attention to your ends

  • Gently detangle with fingers or use a wide tooth comb to ensure even product distribution

  • Style, as desired.


Pomegranate & Honey Defining Mousse

Elevate your styling routine with our oh-so-powerful curl mousse. Designed specifically to hold down type 4 hair, this non-sticky mousse not only boasts a delightful fragrance but also works wonders on your curls. Rich in shea butter, pomegranate, honey, apple, aloe, and jojoba oil, this styler ensures your curls receive the moisture and hydration they deserve.

How to Use

  • After hair has been cleaned and is damp, divide into sections

  • Apply a liberal amount of the mousse to your hair, combing or fingering through

  • Follow the same pattern in each section of hair until done

  • Style, as desired.


Detangling Brush

    Your arms are going to thank you for this addition to your collection.

    That’s because our detangling brush is designed to make your life a whole lot easier for the detangling process. Not only is the brush flexible, the bristles are also adjustable to structure the brush to handle any and all hair types. This tool is meant for you to save time and energy and while brushing your hair.

    How to Use

    • Start brushing from ends to root on sectioned hair

    • Adjust stability bar for tighter or looser bristles

    HOT TIP: This product works best with wet hair!

    If your curls likes to tussle with the outside elements, we’re here to help you officially leave those worries behind. Let’s keep things light this season (especially when it comes to your strands) and be ok with having 99 problems…but our curls just can’t and won’t be one.

    If you’re looking for something beyond our curly hair mousse and stylers, our Pomegranate & Honey collection also offers leave-in conditioner for curly hair, a curl smoothie, and more!

    Explore the Pomegranate & Honey Collection.

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