How to Treat a Dry Face: Our Top Tips & Tricks

April 19, 2021 4 min read

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By Tiffany Walker

Do you struggle with ashy, flaky skin? If so, you might have a dry skin type. A dry skin type occurs when your skin doesn’t produce enough sebum or oil and can’t retain enough moisture to protect itself. Dry skin can show up differently for everyone; however, there are some major signs to identify, including no blemishes, tiny pores, frequent itching, burning, and a feeling of tightness in the face. Even if your answer to “What type of skin do I have?” isn’t always dry skin doesn’t mean you can’t have it in a certain season. The colder temperatures that come with seasonal changes can sometimes trigger dry patches. The winter brings many joys, like the holidays and sweet potato pie, but it can also lead to itchy, flaky, and dry skin. The good news is we’re here with some great skincare routine tips to get you prepared. If you’re wondering how to get glowing skin and ready to say bye to dryness for good, there are simple changes you can implement in your diet, products, and daily routine.

What Causes It?

Before getting into how to treat a dry face, you’re probably wondering what is causing your flaking and itchiness in the first place. Some potential causes of dry facial skin, outside of a cold environment, include:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes, like pregnancy and menopause
  • Skin conditions like eczema and rosacea 
  • Excessive cleansing of the face
  • Prolonged sun exposure 
  • Heat from hot showers or fireplaces 

How Can I Treat It?

Depending on your symptoms, you can do many different things to treat and prevent skin dryness. 

#1 Choose a Gentle Cleanser

Your cleanser is one of the most important parts of caring for a dry face. Many cleansers contain fragrances, alcohol, and other chemicals that irritate and dry out the facial skin. Using harsh cleaners can strip your skin of the oils and moisture it needs, leading to dry, flaky skin. When choosing a cleanser, look for moisturizing ingredients like mineral oil and hyaluronic acid that draw water to the skin and give it that extra boost of hydration.

#2 Immediately Apply Moisturizer

After using a gentle cleanser, a facial moisturizer should be applied within minutes. If you wait any longer, your skin will begin to dehydrate. Applying moisturizer immediately will help lock in the water and moisture, and you won't have to use as much lotion. You will be killing two birds with one stone- hydrating your skin and saving some coins! 

The type of facial moisturizer you use is also important, so stay away from products containing alcohol, as they can harm the skin’s surface and lead to irritation. A heavier, oil-based moisturizer is going to perform best against dry facial skin. We recommend Mielle’s Pomegranate & Honey Illuminating Face Lotion. This skincare product was created to provide hydration and give you glowing skin.

#3 Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not just for the summer. The UV rays from the sun can be just as damaging and drying to your skin in the winter. Apply sunscreen containing at least SPF 15 for proper protection. 

#4 Avoid Over-Exfoliating 

People exfoliate using physical or chemical exfoliators to help get rid of dead skin cells. While exfoliating is key for evening out your skin tone, it is very important to note that over-exfoliating an already dry face can irritate and worsen it. Choose a hydrating exfoliator that is not harsh on your sensitive skin. Mielle’s Pomegranate & Honey Hydrating Face Mask is perfect for gently cleansing your pores and contains honey, pomegranate extract, chamomile flower extract charcoal powder.

#5 Repair Skin with a Night Cream 

It’s time to get some beauty rest, but not so quick! The key to preventing dry skin and damage is incorporating a cream specifically created for your nighttime skincare routine. At night our skin is in repair mode and performing its best work, so this is the optimal time to give it some TLC. 

#6 Modify your Shower Routine 

I know we all look forward to our shower time - we get to put on concerts and do some of our best thinking. However, it may be interfering with having healthy skin. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures of water and low humidity strips your skin of natural oils. Try limiting the amount of time in the shower or bath and use warm water instead of hot water to avoid drying your skin out.

#7 Invest in a Humidifier 

Adding moisture in the air with a humidifier could be all you need to treat skin dryness. A humidifier is going to encourage your skin’s moisture to stay locked in. Outside of its skin benefits, a humidifier can also help with asthma and allergies. 

The Journey to Moisturized Skin

Lifestyle and environmental factors can contribute to dry skin on the face. You can treat and prevent dry, itchy skin by using gentle and natural skincare products and treatments. If you are experiencing frequent dry skin that doesn’t seem to be improving or is worsening, try seeing a medical professional. A dermatologist can give you prescribed creams or ointments to help treat it. 



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