How to Master the Wash and Go

March 10, 2021 6 min read

How to Master the Wash and Go

By Tiffany Walker

The wash and go is a method and technique of washing and immediately styling the hair, without the use of heat. Perfecting the wash and go can make you feel like a brand new person! The name of the style might sound like it's easy to achieve, but it can be one of the hardest techniques to master. Mastering the wash and go and finding the perfect combination of products can be a trying process, but we’re here to give a complete guide on how to make it work!

Cleanse Your Hair

Clean hair and a clean scalp are critical to achieving the best results. Getting rid of excess product build-up will help you get that definition you’re looking for. Use Mielle Organics’ all-natural Detangling Co-Wash, which cleanses and moisturizes your hair. If you have type 4 hair, then our Pomegranate and Honey collection is just for you! Try out any one of these natural hair products to get the clean scalp and hair that you need to begin mastering your wash-and-go hairstyles.

Conditioner Is Your Bestie 

Never underestimate the power of a good conditioner or deep conditioning treatment. Conditioning your hair regularly is going to help prevent breakage and lock in moisture. The thicker your hair, the more conditioner you need to use– don't be shy! Mielle’s Pomegranate and Honey Conditioner is going to give you the hydration and strength your hair needs for the perfect 4c wash and go. 

Deep conditioners have a high concentration of hydrating and strengthening ingredients. Depending on your hair porosity, or if you have color-treated hair, you may want to deep condition more often. We curly girls should dedicate time to deep conditioning once a week to achieve the healthiest hair. Curly hair queens deserve a styling product that promotes healthy hair, defines natural texture, and natural curl pattern. Based on the type of deep conditioner you use, your hair needs, and how much time you have, will determine how long you’ll leave the deep conditioner in. It can be left in for 5 minutes, a few hours, or even overnight, before rinsing it out. However, too much of anything is never good, so do not over-condition. 

If your hair is looking limp, you’ll need to cut back on how often you deep condition. Mielle Organics’ Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner is the bomb for bringing those curls back to life. Conditioning your hair can take some patience, but trust, it is worth it. Your curls are going to be on boing! 

Detangle then Rinse - and In That Order!

Grab your detangling brush! You want as much slip and as little breakage as possible, so begin detangling your hair while it still has conditioner in it. The finger-combing method is undefeated, but a wide-tooth comb or Denman brush is also great at detangling and getting knots out as you attempt your wash and go. 

Apply Your Products

A mistake some people make with the wash and go is letting their hair get dry before they apply products. The best way to avoid your hair from getting dry is to begin the process of applying a hair product while you're still in the shower. The more wet your hair is, the more defined and bouncy your hair and overall hair texture will look. This step may require a little trial and error. The perfect product combination is going to be different for different hair types. For example, you may need to apply more product if you have a coarser texture. There are many different methods and orders in which you can layer and apply products. The most common methods are L.O.C. and L.C.O. The letters L, O, and C are abbreviations for liquid, oil, and cream. When it comes to the wash and go, we recommend the L.C.O. method for type 4 hair:

  • Liquid / Leave-in Conditioner 

Mielle’s Pomegranate and Honey Leave-In Conditioner has natural ingredients like babassu oil, and citrus extracts, adding shine and hydration.

  • Cream 

Mielle’s Pomegranate and Honey Curl Sculpting Custard creates a hold and adds definition to your curls.

  • Oil

Mielle’s Mint Almond Oil locks in moisture and reduces potential flaking.

Use your fingers and both hands to apply products evenly throughout your hair. The easiest way to do this is by creating separate sections in your hair. 

Let It Dry

The amount of time you have will determine the method you’ll use to dry your curls. If you have low porosity hair, this step is always going to be a test of patience. Whatever you do, try not to touch your hair. If you touch your hair while it's trying to dry it will create a less defined look and can affect how long your wash and go lasts. 

After styling, here are few options to dry your hair: 


Have you ever tried to air dry curly hair? You will need to wait it out on this one! No touching your hair until it dries. Letting your hair air-dry is best if you want to avoid shrinkage. Go catch up on that Real Housewives of Atlanta episode you missed the other night, or grab a cup of hot tea and journal while you wait. 


If you don’t like air-drying or you just want your final look sooner rather than later, a diffuser can be a game-changer. A diffuser is an attachment for your blow dryer that spreads out the airflow. Using a diffuser will not only save you time but will also give you more volume and enhance curl definition. 4c ladies should set their blow dryer to low heat and speed – this will give a defined look while avoiding shrinkage. Hold the diffuser a few inches away from your head and direct the heat down against your cuticle. If you want a more voluminous look, put the diffuser closer to your roots and work in a circular motion around your head. 


You don’t have to diffuse your hair until it is completely dry. Give the drying process a head start by diffusing it, and then let it air-dry until it is completely dry. This method saves some time, while also maintaining less frizzy and more defined curls. 

After your hair has dried, it's time to show it off. A bomb wash and go with nowhere to go is the worst. You didn’t just put in all that work for nothing. If you have no plans, at least take some pics for the gram. 

Preserving the Look

Maintaining your wash and go throughout the week is important. You’ll want it to last as long as possible, while still looking fresh and hydrated. This requires a good nighttime routine, and a headscarf, or silk pillowcase. You have a few options depending on your curl pattern and length:

Pineapple Method 

You can use the pineapple method, by putting your hair into a high ponytail on top of your head, resembling the fruit. This method avoids your curls from frizzing or flattening throughout your beauty sleep. 

Silk Pillowcase 

Using a satin or silk pillowcase helps maintain moisture. The next morning, you will be up and at em’ with little manipulation needed. 


Tie a satin or silk scarf around your head to keep those curls on point. You can also combine this method, in addition to the pineapple method, and or pillowcase.


If you want to preserve your curls and maintain definition, the bonnet might be your best bet. It usually comes in handy when you are on day three curls and trying to get one more day out of them!

It's the Definition for Us!

From navigating how to do Bantu knots to twist out hairstyles, learning how to take care and style your hair is a form of self-love. It may take some time to try out different methods for your wash and go, but with this guide, you’ll definitely be on the right path. You will be giving us life in no time, and remember – hydration and patience are key! 



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