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July 22, 2022 4 min read

 By Tiffany Walker

Protective styling is one of the best and most efficient ways to grow your hair, strengthen your hair, and keep it healthy. The most popular go-to styles for naturalistas when they want a protective style are braids and twists. If you’re trying to decide between braids vs twists and which style is right for you and your hair goals, continue reading!


Twists are a beautiful protective hairstyle to help your hair grow and stay healthy. If you’ve worn box braids a lot and are ready to just switch up, twists may be a great look to try out. Also known as two-strand twists, they are a hairstyle created by twisting two sections of hair around one another from the root to the ends. Sections of hair can range from large to small. There are many different styles of twist hairstyle options such as: 

  • Havana twist
  • Marley twist
  • Strand twist 
  • Spring twist 
  • Senegalese twist
  • Twisted top knot
  • Two-strand twist
  • Bun twist
  • Curly twist
  • Passion twist

To encourage the health of your natural hair, you must prepare it for the twists by thoroughly washing and deep conditioning your hair before the style is installed. We recommend our rosemary mint hair products for all your preparation needs. The products are infused with biotin and natural ingredients to promote shine and growth.



Hair twists are very lightweight and cause little to no tension on the scalp of the hair. 

Shorter Installation Process

Getting twists installed is a quick process that should take no longer than 6 hours. 

Type 4 Friendly

4c naturalists, a twisted hairstyle is perfect for your hair type and hair texture.Since twists unravel easily, the kinkier the hair, the better the twists stay intact, creating a longer-lasting style. 

In need of products to nourish your curls? Our Type 4 collection has all-organic products specific to your hair type! Shop now!


More Maintenance

Twists require a bit more upkeep and maintenance to keep the twists in place and avoid unraveling. You will for sure want to add hair extensions if you want a longer-lasting style. 

Prone to Damage

If twists are not installed properly, it can cause breakage and damage to your hair. Especially depending on the type of hair extensions added, the twists can become easily tangled. 

Not as Long-Lasting

This protective style can start to slip and unravel over time, so they are not as long-lasting as some other hair growth protective styles. Twists can usually only last up to about 6 weeks, depending on the twists you get. 


There are so many different protective hairstyles for natural hair that involve braiding. The most common braided hair protective style is box braids. They are achieved by sectioning the hair off into square shapes and then braided. Among box braids, there are many other types of braided hairstyles for natural hair, including, knotless box braids, cornrows, feed-in braids, goddess braids, braided ponytail, Ghana braids, braided bob, crochet braids, braided bun, and more. Braids can be done on your natural hair or with added hair to create more length and fullness. When braided protective styles are installed with extensions, it’s typically with the braiding hair, kanekalon. To keep your hair hydrated and healthy while it's in box braids, we recommend our own Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil. This oil is great to put on your scalp every 1 to 3 days. 



Braided styles can stay in your hair for up to 8 weeks, so if the length of time you can wear the style matters to you, braids are your best bet. 


This style does not require a lot of upkeep. Braids are easy to wash and maintain throughout the weeks. The only thing you’ll really need to do is style your edges. Try using an edge gel for flawless edges. 


The versatility of braids is unlike any other protective style. This is your chance to express your creativity. Depending on which type of braids you want, you can get different design patterns, add fun color extensions, and accessorize your braids with beads, pearls, feathers– the possibilities are endless. 

Great For All Hair Types

Braids can be worn by all curly girls, no matter length or texture as a protective style. 


Heavy In Weight

Braids typically weigh more than twists, so if your scalp might be sensitive to the weight of braids, keep this in mind. 

Hard On The Edges

The hair around the edges is the most fragile, so a lot of pulling or tugging on them can cause damage. Since braids are heavier in weight, they can put extra pressure on your edges if you don’t take proper care of them or if they are installed too tight. 

Length of Installation Process

The process of getting a lot of braided protective styles, specifically box braids, can take anywhere from 4 up to 8 hours. This is mostly determined by the size and length you want your braids to be. 

Which Should You Choose?

Both twists and braids lock in moisture well and are great options for protective styles. The main differences between braids vs. twists are the length of the installation process, how long they last, and which are hair types they work best on. If you are looking for a quick, low-tension style and you have a more kinky, coily, type hair, then twists are perfect for you. However, keep in mind that they may not last as long as box braids or other braided protective styles. Box braids are the right choice for you if you want a long-lasting, low-maintenance style and don’t mind spending a bit longer getting it done. Figure out what your needs are to make the best decision. No matter which style you choose it will be great to protect your hair from damage and promote hair growth. Are you ready to be fabulous in your new look for summer?

In need of products to nourish your curls? Our Type 4 collection has all-organic products specific to your hair type! Shop now!



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