Type 4

Have you taken a look at a hair typing chart and identified that you have Type 4 hair? Now are you looking for the best natural products to help maintain your natural hair type? Well, look no further. Mielle Organics has an entire product line dedicated to Type 4 hair. Filled with gels, shampoo, curl cream and more, our all-natural products are filled with ingredients that are delicately chosen to provide your curly hair with the best products!

Whether you have 4a hair, 4b hair, or even 4c natural hair, Mielle Organics caters to you, making sure your natural hair type and texture are moisturized and healthy. Type 4 kinky hair can be difficult to manage. But here at Mielle Organics, we believe our products will help you achieve your desired hair look so that you have the confidence to work your natural hair daily. Forget dry hair forever and check out Mielle Organics’ Type 4 hair product line today to give your curly hair what it wants and needs.