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June 28, 2017 2 min read

Honey has some amazing health benefits, but did you know that it’s also great for your hair? You don't think of honey being used in hair products, but when used on your hair, honey can provide great sheen and softness as well as some other amazing benefits. Honey helps keeps the hair moisturized, fights frizz, and also helps prevent split ends. Remember that using honey alone could be damaging to hair, so try adding it to your deep conditioner, co-wash, and shampoo. Here are a few benefits of honey for natural hair.

Honey Is a Humectant

Honey attracts and helps maintain moisture in the hair by helping to hold onto water molecules in the air. With curly hair, we’re constantly trying to moisturize our hair and fight dry hair. Honey helps to replenish moisture that is lost and also helps to fuse vitamins and minerals into our hair strands, keeping our hair healthy and strong.

Honey Is an Emollient

Emollients are amazing at smoothing and softening hair. Honey helps to smooth the outer cuticle layer of the hair, which helps the hair look and appear shinier.

Honey Is Anti-Bacterial

Honey is also fantastic for treating scalp issues. Honey has enzymatic and also antioxidant properties that have been known to aid in the treatment of dry and itchy scalp, dandruff, and even dermatitis. Honey also exfoliates the scalp and helps fight irritation.

Honey Helps Prevent Split Ends

Nobody likes split ends. A good remedy is to apply some honey mixed with our Mint Almond Oil to your ends. This will help to prevent split ends and keep the ends of your hair strong.

Honey Helps Soften Hair

Are you looking to soften your hair? Honey is used in many hair products to help moisturize and draw water into the hair shaft. It also helps restore moisture, and because honey is an emollient, it helps to soften the hair.

Explore Mielle Organics Hair Care Products With Honey

If you are looking for products with honey, then you are in luck! Mielle has two amazing products with honey as an ingredient. Our Honey & Ginger Styling Gel is made with more than 70% certified organic ingredients along with ginger and babassu. This product is great for wash-and-go styles as well as twist outs because it gives you manageable hold and also hydrates the hair. It creates amazing curl definition, smooths edges, and helps with frizz. It is your perfect styling aid for freshly cleansed hair or second-day hair curl enhancement with no sticky build-up!

Our Honey and Ginger Edge Gel is also amazing. This gel is great for taming edges and flyaway hairs. It is also made with certified organic honey, ginger, aloe vera, and lavender. It will give you just the right amount of hold while also nourishing your hair and scalp.

Have you used honey in your hair regimen? Tell us about it in the comments!

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