Type 3

Do you have Type 3 hair? Well, lucky for you, Mielle Organics has an entire product line dedicated to those with hair just like yours! From leave-in conditioner to moisturizing scalp treatment, we know just the right formulas to leave your curly hair type happy and healthy.

Curly or wavy hair can be difficult to maintain but your Type 3a hair or 3b hair is beautiful and we know just how to get the curl definition you are looking for! At Mielle Organics, we understand what it's like to have curly hair. That’s exactly why our Type 3 products are specific to your curl type to enhance your natural hair and texture! And our goal is to not only give your hair the love it deserves with a natural hair product, but also to help prepare you with runway ready or everyday natural looks. Try out a Type 3 hair product from Mielle Organics and fall in love with your hair type all over again!
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