April 27, 2018 3 min read

By: Jonna Scott Blakes

When I first got a big chop, I just wanted my hair to hurry up and grow! I know I’m not alone, and there are other naturals whose goals are long, healthy hair. So they begin focusing on hair growth alone, trying speed up the hair growth process. But what about length retention? While we can’t do that much about how fast our hair grows due to genetics, we can do a lot of things to care for our hair that will improve the health of the hair that is growing, and prevent excessive breakage. So, in today’s blog, we’ll be going over five tips that will help you with length retention so you can reach your hair length goals.

1. Get A Professional Trim

I know it sounds counterproductive to cut your hair in order to have long hair, but just stick with me on this one. A professional trim removes all of your split ends, which are a major cause of hair breakage. Less hair breakage means more length retention. Consistent and frequent trims also means that you will not need to trim as much hair, because the ends will be in better condition.

2. Deep Condition Weekly

Deep conditioning helps improve and maintain the moisture-protein balance of our hair, which helps improve elasticity. Better elasticity – or flexibility – helps you further avoid breakage. Again, less breakage equals more length retention.

If you’re looking for a deep conditioner to try, order Mielle’s Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner! It infuses hair with both protein and moisture to restore dry and damaged hair, and our natural formula is made with complex amino acids from wheat, soy, and other natural ingredients for deeper penetration.

3. Sleep with Silk or Satin

The friction between your hair and your cotton pillowcase can cause dryness and breakage. At night, always wrap your hair in a scarf or a small satin or silk bonnet to help protect your hair while you sleep. Or, if you’re like me and just don’t think the bonnet is sexy enough, sleep on a satin pillowcase.

4. Wear a Protective Style

Low- and no-manipulation styles, also known as protective styles, are an easy way to avoid breakage and retain length. Choosing styles that require little to no daily maintenance and manipulation – twisting and re-twisting, brushing or combing, and so on – like buns, flat twists, two-strand twists, or braids, can help keep breakage at bay. You could also opt for weaves, wigs, braided or crocheted extensions, and clip-ins. But it is very important to continue to care for your hair underneath these protective styles. If not, you could wind up with more damage than before you started.

5. Eat a Healthier Diet and Get Active

If your diet lacks specific nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, or protein, then it can affect the condition and strength of your hair. Ensuring that we eat nutrient-dense foods and drink plenty of water is a great way to improve the health of our hair before it grows out of our scalp. Also, being active and exercising increase blood flow throughout the body, including our scalp and hair follicles, so having an overall healthy lifestyle can result in healthier hair!

Kick your hair’s health up a notch with Mielle Organics hair vitamins. This vitamin is formulated to best support healthy hair and hair regrowth without triggering breakouts. With our unique proprietary blend of herbs, amino acids, and minerals, this formula works effectively in a natural way to support healthier, stronger, longer, thicker hair.

If your goal is to have longer, healthier hair, then it’s not just about how fast your hair grows. It’s also about length retention — keeping the hair that has grown healthy and intact. These tips will get you on your way to retaining length and reaching your hair goals, and Mielle’s collection of organic hair care products can help you give your hair the strength, nutrients, and love it deserves.

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