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May 24, 2018 3 min read


As we’ve discussed before on this blog, shedding is a natural part of our hair’s growth process. But when hair loss becomes excessive – leading to thinning and bald spots – we need to take a step back and figure out what’s happening. Different factors can cause thinning hair, so understanding what factors may be affecting you can help you on the road to recovery.

Consider Your Style Options

The first and easiest thing you can do right away to address your thinning hair is change the way you style your hair. Thinning can be caused by manipulating your strands the same way or in the same direction on a constant basis. Something as simple as placing a part in the same spot every day could cause hair to thin in that area. To fix that, simply switch it up as much as possible. Traction alopecia – a type of hair loss that is caused by the constant pulling of the hair – is most common along the hairline and edges, but it can happen anywhere on your head. So ease up on the tension no matter how you style your hair and give your hair a break every few days!

Think About Your Diet

A diet that’s lacking fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water can result in excessive shedding or hair thinning. Keep your diet balanced to ensure that the proper nutrients reach the hair and nourish yourself from the inside out. Exercise also helps get the blood flowing to feed your follicles for hair that thrives!

Take Your Vitamins

A daily hair vitamin is also key to keeping things balanced. Sometimes, regardless of our best efforts to eat right, there may be gaps in our vitamin and mineral intake that need to be filled. That’s where Mielle’s Advanced Healthy Hair Vitamins come in. This supplement supports healthy hair growth without the risk of breakouts. It’s a beneficial addition to your routine, but remember, this is a supplement. You still need to be taking other steps to promote healthy hair growth.

Encourage Growth

While you can't exactly speed up your rate of hair growth, you can stimulate and encourage growth in areas that may have thinned out. There are two ways you can do this:

Scalp Massage

Massaging the scalp encourages blood flow to those affected areas. The nutrients in the bloodstream are what feed the hair follicles and allow hair to grow. The more blood you are able to direct to the area where your hair is thinning, the better chance you have of experiencing hair regrowth.

Use Stimulating Oils

This goes hand-in-hand with scalp massages. Adding an oil to your fingertips will make the massage smoother, but using the right ones can also make it even more effective. Our Mint Almond Oil gives you all the benefits of an almond oil as well as the stimulating effect of peppermint. Use a bit a few times a week for a relaxing and refreshing massage.

Consistently put these tips to use for a few months, and take note of any changes in those problem areas. We hope we’ve helped you find the solution to healthy, beautiful hair regrowth! In addition to these steps, it wouldn’t hurt to consult a specialist to assess the problem.

Have you ever had thinning hair or noticed a bald spot? What steps did you take to reverse the issue? Let us know in the comments!

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