Benefits of a Pre Poo

August 31, 2017 3 min read

Benefits of a Pre Poo | Mielle

For some naturalistas, blocking off hours on your calendar to wash and style your hair is not that uncommon. If your wash day is a tangled mess, then you may want to consider adding a pre-poo treatment to your curly hair care routine. "Pre-poo" is short for "pre-shampoo treatment," and it is usually an oil-based treatment applied prior to shampooing your natural hair to help with detangling and support longer, healthier hair.

When my hair has been under a lot of stress - either due to the weather, high-manipulation styling, or heat styling - I like to do a pre-poo treatment. While this step in your wash day regimen is optional, it does have lots of benefits for curly hair. In today's post, we're discussing three benefits to adding a pre-poo treatment to your hair care routine!

It Adds Extra Moisture

Textured hair is more prone to dryness and needs extra moisture. The environment - heat, sun, humidity, wind, and salt water - can also cause dryness. A pre poo treatment will provide added moisture to the hair when applied before cleansing. When it comes to moisturizing natural hair, you need a pre poo treatment that can support healthy hair from root to tip.

It Melts the Tangles

If you use a pre poo treatment, it can make detangling your natural hair after it’s washed a lot easier. I've found that when my hair is extremely dry and tangled, applying a pre-poo treatment and allowing it to sit on my hair for 15 minutes or so really helps detangle my strands and lessen breakage. I typically use coconut oil or my favorite deep conditioner to soften my hair before I even start with shampooing, and my tangles melt away. This also helps if you have dry hair that needs some deep conditioning hydration.

It Primes Hair for Manipulation

When you think about all that you do to your hair during your wash day, it involves quite a bit of manipulation to your hair strands. From shampooing and detangling to combing and styling - and maybe even use of heat tools - our hair goes through a lot from start to finish. Doing pre-poo primes the hair and gets it prepared for all of the manipulation involved in the process. Plus, it’s an extra step that supports healthy hair from root to tip.

What Should You Use as a Pre Poo?

Typically, oils or oil-based products are used as pre-poo treatments, very similar to a hot oil treatment. I have used a deep conditioner as a pre-poo, and that has worked well for me. Some people also make their own pre-poo treatments with their favorite oils and essential oils. But, if you’re like me and want to purchase yours to ensure it is properly formulated, then check out the new Mielle Organics Pre-Shampoo Treatment from our Mongongo Oil line.

Our Mongongo Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment is the first step to shampooing your hair. We’ve combined the perfect ingredients to ensure your hair receives additional moisture prior to shampooing and the hair cuticles are pre-conditioned and ready for manipulation. To start your pre poo routine with our pre shampoo treatment, divide your hair into four sections, apply the pre-poo treatment directly on the scalp and hair, and massage. Then, cover your natural hair with a conditioning cap.


Adding a pre-poo treatment to your hair care routine offers several benefits. Do you currently use a pre poo hair mask or deep conditioning shampoo? If not, would you consider it now?

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