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August 17, 2022 3 min read

By Capricia Alston

By now, there’s a good chance you’ve already been introduced to mango. After all, it’s one of the most popular fruits in the world. But this antioxidant-rich fruit goes far beyond just being delicious. In fact, mango butter has become a rising star within the beauty industry. Just a simple Google search and you’ll see that it consistently receives rave reviews, especially in the natural hair community.

However, before we can cover the many benefits of our latest collection, we must touch on the other main ingredient—Tulsi—which is likely a little less familiar. Tulsi, also known as “holy basil,” is rich in vitamin C and zinc. Because it is part of the Ayurvedic medicines, it is often used as an alternative medicine, especially across Southeast Asia and India. 

You're probably wondering what happens when the king of fruits and the queen of herbs combine? Some call it a beautiful botanical blend, others call it magic, but we just call it ourMango & Tulsi Collection. Learn about the amazing benefits this powerful pair have to offer, while getting better acquainted with all six products from the collection. 

 Mango & Tulsi

Mango & Tulsi Benefit 1: Restores and Balances Dry Hair

If you struggle with dry, frizzy hair, then you definitely need Mielle’sNourishing Leave-In Conditioner in your life. It restores moisture while reducing the appearance of breakage. Plus, it also works well as a detangler. Let’s just say this leave-in conditioner is always working overtime, and it shows. 

Mango & Tulsi Leave In Conditioner

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Mango & Tulsi Benefit 2: Promotes a Healthier Scalp

Healthy hair starts with what you put into your body, but how you treat your roots and scalp makes a big difference, too. Mango & Tulsi Nourishing Shampoo gently cleanses impurities from your hair and scalp—which is one of the most important steps when it comes to taking care of textured hair. With this shampoo, you’ll be on the fast track to softer and smoother-looking strands.

Mango & Tulsi Nourishing Shampoo

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Mango & Tulsi Benefit 3: Nourishes Hair and Scalp

The entire Mango & Tulsi line is designed to nourish your strands and scalp, but one of the superstars from this collection is our nutrient-richNourishing 3-in-1 Serum. This standout serum seals cuticles and replenishes your scalp, which ultimately leads to better roots and stronger-looking hair.

For even more nutrients, add theNourishing Conditioner, which moisturizes and protects your hair from breakage. 

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Mango & Tulsi Benefit 4: Formulated for Textured Hair

Not to toot our own horns, but Mango & Tulsi is the first botanical collection for textured hair, and also the first textured hair collection featuring Tulsi. If you’re wondering…yes, that’s kind of a big deal. Mielle’s goal has and always will be to continue dropping innovative new products that not only solve your needs, but also provide a stress-free approach to preserving your healthy hair and scalp. 

It’s not always easy navigating the world of haircare, but having the right products by your side certainly helps. Mielle Mango & TulsiNourishing Whipping Créme andNourishing Styling Gel are the perfect post-wash products to keep in your circle—as they both enhance the appearance of your strands while delivering vital nourishment. You really can’t beat that!

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Mango & Tulsi Benefit 5: Vegan and Cruelty-Free

We understand that it’s important for you to know what’s in your beauty products. We also firmly believe that healthy ingredients encourage healthy skin and hair. That’s why all of our products are formulated without using animal products, byproducts or animal testing.  

The Strand Finale

If you’ve read this far down, and any of the above products caught your attention, we recommend trying at least one to witness the wonders Mango & Tulsi can work on your hair. If you’re a naturalista and looking to transition to a new product, or you’re finally ready to restore your hair back to health, welcome to your new haircare regimen.



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