4 Benefits of Pre-Pooing Your Natural Hair

April 06, 2018 2 min read

4 Benefits of Pre-Pooing Your Natural Hair
By Toia Barry


Since women have started embracing their natural hair texture in recent years, a lot of new words and phrases have entered our vocabulary. One of these is “pre-poo.” Yes, it does sound like it refers to something else. but I assure you, it has everything to do with maintaining a healthy hair care regimen.

A pre-poo is simply a treatment one does to prep the hair before shamPOOing. Get it? Pre… poo! You may be thinking that this is just another one of those things natural hair vloggers and bloggers say you should do, but you don’t really see the point. Truth is, there are some real benefits to pre-pooing. Here are four...

Helps with Detangling Hair

One of the main reasons why wash day is dreaded so much is often due to the detangling process. The tighter our coils or kinks, the friendlier they are with one another. So, yes, detangling can be a process. Adding a pre-poo treatment to your hair gives you the slip you need to gently remove any tangles and knots before dipping your head under the water for your shampoo.

Not only does this extra step help make your cleansing process that much easier, but it can also help prevent you from losing any more hair than necessary while shampooing. This is especially good to do after you’ve taken down a protective style.

Adds Moisture

We textured hair folks struggle with moisture. It’s just the name of the game due to the makeup of our strands. Using a pre-poo treatment helps restore the moisture your hair craves prior to getting into your wash-day routine. It preps the hair and scalp for any moisture you may lose during shampooing.

Improves Manageability

A pre-poo treatment helps soften the hair for better manageability. When the hair is more manageable, there is less chance of breakage when styling. And when you experience less breakage, you will see much more length retention!

Prepares Hair for Shampoo Process

Overall, any type of manipulation to textured hair has potential for some type of damage, and wash day puts our hair through a lot. A pre-poo treatment basically prepares the hair for further manipulation, pre-conditioning the strands with a layer of protection.

Thankfully, Mielle’s Pre-Shampoo Treatment with Mongongo Oil provides all four benefits in one convenient package. Massage this organic hair serum right onto your scalp, and work through your hair for a relaxing pre-poo treatment before following up with our Mongongo Oil Exfoliating Shampoo and Protein-Free Hydrating Conditioner.

If you’re finding that you’re not retaining length and your hair is especially dry, hard to manage, and a pain to detangle, then give pre-pooing a try!

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