August 17, 2021 1 min read

As we recognize and celebrate National Black Business Month, this has to be one of the most revolutionary and amazing products ever invented.

Meet Kia-Shun, creator of “Love Shampoo Time” a shampoo mat designed for children.

Like thousands of other mothers, Kia-Shun struggled on wash day with laying her young daughter on the sink or having her lean over the sink for shampooing. Then, while watching her daughter in gymnastics class one day, she had an idea to design a shampoo mat from the same material as the mat used in the gym.

Each mat has a headrest that leans back into the sink to prevent water from splashing onto the sink and the floor. But the best part about the mat is that it has a bar across the top that a phone or tablet can be attached to. The mats are available in two sizes, deluxe (for toddlers) and mini (ages 4 and up). The deluxe mat also folds and doubles as a booster seat.

Even more than the amazing design, Love Shampoo Time is ideal for autistic children, who don’t like their heads being touched. The tablet holder is perfect for them also, because it holds their attention allowing for a stress-free shampoo. Now that’s life-changing!

Mielle supported Love Shampoo Timeby purchasing three shampoo mats and giving them away to three listeners.

Find Love Shampoo Time at and @loveshampootime.

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