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May 07, 2019 2 min read

By Tiffany Walker

Every wash day, we look at our hair and try to decide: can I go another day? Is my scalp that bad? And based on our observation, we decide if we’re going to grab our moisturizing shampoo, clarifying shampoo, or co-wash.

In the beginning of the natural hair journey, there’s a lot of trial and error until you decide what works best for your hair. I know naturals who only co-wash their hair and use apple cider vinegar on their scalp — they say that works for their hair! I also know naturals who only shampoo because their scalp does better when it’s cleansed that way, and their hair has less product build up because of it. All I would say is make sure you’re listening to your hair. Below are some suggestions on how you can use different Mielle Organics hair care products for your cleansing routine!

Mielle Organics Babassu Conditioning Shampoo

This is a light shampoo that lathers very well. So, in other words, a little goes a long way! This shampoo does a really great job at cleansing the scalp without completely stripping your hair. However, I will say that it doesn’t necessarily moisturize your hair.

Mielle Organics Mongongo Oil Exfoliating Shampoo

This shampoo actually acts more as a clarifier and gently exfoliates the scalp to give it a very thorough cleaning. It moisturizes the strands while removing any product and build up from the scalp.

Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey Moisturizing and Detangling Shampoo

This natural organic shampoo is meant to cleanse the scalp without stripping the hair of its natural oils. It will remove dirt, products, and oils, but it adds back in moisture. This shampoo is great for my low porosity people.

Co-washing is great a great choice for those days in between styling and when you want to add moisture. Although it’s not an alternative for shampoo, it’s great to use to restyle hair in the middle of the week and refresh a new style. I know a few people who co-wash instead of shampooing each wash day, and they clarify once a month.

If your hair likes that, and you haven’t seen product build up or problems with your scalp, by all means, continue if you love the state of your hair! However, if you have noticed that your hair is lacking moisture and feels heavy or limp, then it may be time to incorporate more shampoo days. A great co-wash to use in between wash days is Mielle’s Detangling Co-Wash.

Tell us in the comments how you feel about the two, and how you incorporate them into your natural hair regimen!


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