6 Protective Winter Hairstyles

November 01, 2019 3 min read

6 Protective Winter Hairstyles

Winter can be hard on our hair. Cold, dry weather sucks the moisture from our strands, leading to brittleness and damage, and the wind can lead to knots and tangles. Especially if you live where the temperature dips below freezing, wash-and-go styles can be fraught this time of year. Try these protective styles instead, and give your hair the love it needs with Mielle’s high-moisture type 4 hair products.

Box Braids

Box braids is a simple style that is easy to maintain and fun to play with! They are easy to do it yourself once your hair is long enough, and even if you are still working on healthy hair, braiding hair is very affordable and comes in plenty of color options. You can wear your box braids for weeks and style them into buns, ponytails, updos, and more!

Two-Strand Twists

Want something simpler than braids? Try two-strand twists. They are just as affordable, easy, and versatile as braids. Twists work great for natural or transitioning hair, and they are faster to take out than braids! You can also accessorize with headbands, hair rings, and more.

Halo Braid

When you don’t have the time or patience for individual box braids or twists, make just one or two chunky braids coiled into a halo around your head. They look great on anyone, and you can add smaller braids to help conquer your edges and flyaways.

Faux Locs

Do you love the look of locs, but you’re not ready to make the commitment? Take the chance during this season to explore faux locs. You can choose from endless colors and keep them in for about two months with proper care. It may take some trial and error to find a method that works for you if you’re creating your own locs, but you can also spend a little more to have them done by a professional.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are essentially two styles in one! You can make them as simple or complex as you want. The twisted knots protect your ends, but the style can leave your scalp exposed, so make sure you take care of it. (Check out Mielle’s soothing scalp treatments!) Plus, when you’re ready for something new, you can simply enjoy your twists or take them down completely to see how the knots have benefited your curl pattern!

Hats, Scarves, and Turbans

Last but not least, you can always protect your hair with hats, scarves, and turbans! It’s one of the best, low-maintenance options to protect your kinks and whatever style you’re rocking. Make sure that you always choose something made of or lined with silk or a soft synthetic material. (If you don’t use a hair scarf at night, make sure you’re using a silk pillowcase!) There are many cute hats and turban styles you can try, so you can still be creative.

Care for Your Hair With Mielle Organics

No matter how you care for your hair in the winter, you can find the type 4 hair products you need with Mielle! From edge gel to leave-in conditioner, all our products are made to moisturize your thirsty locks throughout the seasons, formulated with organic ingredients you can trust. Get started today with our new Hawaiian Ginger Moisture Rx series!

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