Mielle Organics – Supplement Discontinuation

We are currently discontinuing the sale of our vitamin supplements. You can continue to take the vitamins you may have purchased from us previously.


Q: Why are you discontinuing these products?

A: We are discontinuing our line of vitamins to focus on our other product offerings. If we decide to relaunch vitamins in the future, we will announce at the appropriate time.

Q: Which products are being discontinued?

A: We are discontinuing our 3 vitamin products – Mielle Gummy Healthy Hair Adult Vitamins, Mielle Children’s Hair & Health Vitamins, and Mielle Advanced Healthy Hair Vitamins for Adults.

Q: Are the vitamins I have now acceptable to use?

A: Yes - there are no safety concerns with these products, so you may continue to take your current supply as directed.

Q: When will you be relaunching the vitamins?

A: We do not currently have an anticipated date for return. Communication will be shared via the website and our social channels when that time comes.