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June 10, 2021 4 min read

By Tiffany Walker

From Beyoncé to Megan Thee Stallion, baby hairs are frequently referenced in music and pop culture. Knowing how to do edges or baby hairs and styling them with natural hair products has become mastered by so  many Black women. 

There are even many hairstyles for thin edges so they become stronger and healthier. They can either be left as they are, slicked back, or creatively swirled and swooped along the forehead. Stay tuned to learn everything there is to know about baby hairs and how you can take care of yours! 

The 411 on Baby Hairs 

So, what are baby hairs? Also known as edges, baby hairs are the short wispy strands of fine hair around the hairline. They come in all shapes and sizes. Your baby hairs can be super coily, straight, or somewhere in between, depending on your hair type and texture.  

Styling baby hairs is a way Black and Latinx women show their hair’s versatility and express themselves creatively. Styling the short hair on your hairline can become a way to individualize your hairstyle. Anybody can wear a ponytail or braids, but if you know how to swirl and swoop your baby hairs, you can level up your hairstyle!  

The way people wear and style their baby hairs today took height in the early ’90s. Baby hairs were worn all over the map– from red carpets to music videos, stars like Chilli from TLC, and Aaliyah, to your everyday Black woman. 

Our hair oils moisturize strands and protects cuticles for healthier hair growth. Shop the collection!

Taking Care of Your Baby Hairs 

All it takes is a small brush and some gel– but don’t think it’s just that simple. Laying and styling baby hair takes not only the right tools and products but the right amount of skill too. 

We’re going to guide you through all the tips and tricks to take care of and style your baby hair.For a lot of naturalistas, baby hairs can sometimes be tricky to manage. If you feel like your stubborn baby hairs are never laying down how you want them to, here are some tips on how to lay your edges: 

Moisturize Your Edges

Our edges are the most vulnerable part of our hair and, if not maintained properly, could lead to having damaged hair and even hair loss. So making sure they are hydrated is key! Apply a cream or a leave-in conditioner before styling your wispy hairs using gel. This will seal in the moisture and prevent breakage. 

Don’t Overuse Product

To maintain healthy baby hairs, do not continue putting on more products every day without rinsing or cleaning your hairline. This causes product buildup and can lead to dryness and breakage. If you need to use products frequently, natural curly hair styling products are what we recommend when navigating how to grow back edges and protect them from damage.

Styling Baby Hairs 

To style your baby hairs, here are some tips you’ll need to perfect your next look: 

Wet Your Edges 

Working on slightly damp edges can go a long way when styling baby hairs. Try using a spray bottle to apply water onto your brush or on the thin hair on your hairline before applying your gel to style. 

Use The Right Edge Control Gel 

To get your baby hairs styled to your liking, use an edge control gel and a small edge brush or toothbrush. Avoid products that will cause flaking, dryness, or buildup. Get the right product based on your hair type and texture. If you have 4c hair, your edges are more fragile, so you will want to use a product that is both gentle but is strong enough to lay them down. 

Meet the Honey & Ginger Edge Gel, the Rosemary Mint Strengthening Edge Gel, and the Pomegranate and Honey Edge Gel. The Honey & Ginger Edge Gel is the perfect edge gel for all hair types. This product contains aloe, honey, and ginger root, to help moisturize your scalp. The Rosemary Mint Strengthening Edge Gel will have your edges laid and feeling healthy. This edge gel provides shine and hydration while supporting healthy edge growth. Lastly, the Pomegranate and Honey Edge Gel is perfect to achieve any type of hairstyle. This edge gel is long-lasting and won’t leave your hair feeling greasy. Not to mention, it smells amazing!

Tie Your Hair Down

Tying your hair down is the final step in getting your baby hairs laid. After you have brushed and styled your edges, use a silk or satin scarf to avoid them from lifting or frizzing throughout the day. Keep the scarf on for about 10-20 minutes, and your look is completed! 

Keeping Baby Hair on Point

Baby hairs have been popular for decades, so they won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Laying your baby hairs down into a style of your own is the perfect way to express your creativity and give your style a more sleek or dramatic look. Remember to moisturize your edges, and use the right edge control to get the best results and promote healthy hair growth. 


Our hair oils moisturize strands and protects cuticles for healthier hair growth. Shop the collection!


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