3 Signs That You Have a Sensitive Scalp

September 28, 2022 3 min read

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By Capricia Alston

If you’re seeing or experiencing signs of a sensitive scalp you’ve come to the right place. Whether your situation is feeling pretty serious, or you’re just starting to notice symptoms here and there, your Mielle family is always here to help. 

Let’s start with the basics. Believe it or not, scalp sensitivity is super common, so the first bit of advice we always share is to stay calm. After all, there’s a good chance that the solution is simply changing your hair care products or regimen. 

At Mielle Organics, we firmly believe in choosing ingredients that encourage healthy skin and hair — so if the next step for you is updating your hair care products, look no further — we already have the perfect solution for you. Meet our Oats & Honey Collection, designed specifically for sensitive scalp. This non-stripping line relieves dryness and soothes your scalp, all while delivering a deep clean. While it is designed for scalp sensitivity, this line can be used by anyone. 


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At this point, you’re probably wondering whether you need new products or not — so let’s identify the top 3 signs of a sensitive scalp.

Common Symptoms of Sensitive Scalp 


The most obvious sign of a sensitive scalp is if your scalp is always itching. We probably all know someone who is constantly patting or scratching their head. Itchy scalps can be super irritating, both physically and mentally, but all it usually means is that your skin needs more moisture. It could also be that your skin is irritated from the product you’re currently using. With skin and hair care, the best way to determine which products to add to or remove from your regimen is by taking notes and gradually introducing new things. Identifying when and why this itching started is the best way to get down to the root of it all. 


Inflammation or Redness

This symptom is a little tricky, because both inflammation and redness is often associated with several different scalp conditions. These reactions are also a result of hairstyles that are done too tight. It’s important to have open communication with your stylist whenever you’re getting your hair done. It’s common for protective styles like braids to cause redness (although it shouldn’t). But if you notice inflammation regularly, make sure to talk to your doctor and get it checked out.


Dry, Flaky Patches

Have you ever noticed small flakes shedding from your scalp? Has it been paired with intense itching If so, your scalp sensitivity is probably caused by dandruff. The good news is, dandruff (and the itchiness) is easily treatable, especially when adding our Honey & Oat line to your hair care routine. 


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What Causes Scalp Sensitivity? 

There are tons of reasons why you could be experiencing scalp sensitivity, but the most common are: product buildup, harsh chemicals, too much heat, or untreated skin conditions. Always look at product  ingredients before using them on your hair, and if you can, try to stay away frequently using heat on your hair as well. When you do use heat, be sure to give your strands a break with hydrating and soothing treatments. 

What’s the Solution for My Strands?

As we mentioned above, our Oats & Honey Collection can take you from, “ouch” to “okurrrr” when used properly. Show your strands some TLC and treat yourself to this 5-product line, or save some coins and grab the bundle. Either way, both you and your strands will be satisfied. 




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