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Two Step Healthy Hair Regimen

  • Our products nourish the hair through all three phases of growth.

    Step 1: Our two step healthy hair regimen starts with the First step which is the Advanced Healthy Hair Formula it works with first phase of growth which is deep inside the follicle, in which that is where the hair starts to grow.

    Step 2: Our second step is the mint almond oil which is a natural oil, that takes care of the last two phases by re balancing and soothing the scalp and sealing the shaft preventing breakage and shedding which helps to retain length.

    Approximately 50 to 150 hairs can fall out daily, this is considered to be normal hair shedding and this happens in the last phase of the growth cycle.

    Advance Healthy Hair formula is a more natural vitamin, with a unique proprietary of 1070 mg of herbal blends and amino acids, Stimulates follicles working from the inside, aiding in healthy hair growth, Prevents breakage and shedding, Seals in moisture by sealing the hair shaft, Improves growth by stimulating blood circulation, during the second phase of hair growth is when the follicle looses blood flow.

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