Healthy Hair Regimen Bundle (Deep Conditioner, Co-Wash, Hair Oil & Vitamins)

  • Start a healthy hair regimen with our all natural and organic products to kick start your hair on it's journey to healthier, stronger, longer hair.

    With this package you will get our Honey Dew Berry Co-Wash a cleansing conditioner to cleanse the hair of natural products in between shampoos to help de-tangle and prevent breakage and leave the hair ultra soft and moisturized.

    You will get our Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioning, a major part of healthier hair is a good deep conditioner.  This is the perfect balance of moisture and protein, leaving hair soft, manageable and balanced.

    The advanced Healthy Hair formula is a natural supplement that supports healthy hair and immune system to go along side you taking care of the outside you are taking care of your insides for healthier hair.

    The Mint Almond oil an all natural oil used as a sealant, moisturizer and growth stimulant oil.

    Purchase this bundle and save!

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