August 06, 2021 2 min read

August is National Black Business Month and Mielle Organics will highlight and celebrate a Black-owned business each week throughout the month, share their stories with you, and also share how Mielle has been instrumental in blessing these amazing business owners.

Make those special occasions pop with party tableware designed by

This week, let’s look in on “Celeplated” – the first and ONLY Black-owned custom tableware supply company. Founded by Chicago natives Crystal Thomas and Shonta Connolly, Celeplated was created to provide fun and attractive tableware for everyday use and holidays, but primarily Black holidays.

The designs incorporate the red, black and green colors of the African American Flag to respect the background and heritage, and the products include paper plates, cups, napkins and plasticware. Can you say “Dope?”

The idea for creating the line came about as a result of one of the owners not being able to find the exact tableware supplies and decorations that she needed for a Kwanza celebration. So, she decided to design them herself, and Celeplated was born. The most popular line so far “Emanciplated” is decorated with Juneteenth logos and is sophisticated yet fun.

Now y’all know Mielle had to jump in on this one! This tableware is the bomb! Our own “Money Making Ken” recently did a live interview with the owners and surprised them by announcing that Mielle was going to invest into Celeplated by purchasing $2,000 worth of paper plates and then give them away in ten bundles to ten lucky viewers! Oh yeah, the live was all the way LIVE! Mielle is all about supporting, encouraging, and blessing Black-owned businesses.

So, where’s the party?  Right here – go to and check them out. When we tell you this company is off the chain… plates, cups, napkins and plasticware designed for us by us! It’s on y’all -- it’s poppin’! And check this, same day shipping is available. So holla at your girls Crystal and Shonta at Celeplated!

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