5 Easy Natural Hair Styles for Moms on the Go!

January 25, 2018

5 Easy Natural Hair Styles for Moms on the Go

Whether you’re a new mother with one little bundle or a veteran mom of three, having and caring for kids can leave you with little time to take of yourself. Especially your hair! What you need are some quick, easy, natural hairstyles to keep you cute while you’re on the go. Here are a few to try.

High Puff

It doesn’t get any easier than this! When you’re pressed for time but need to look presentable for the public, a high puff is always a lifesaver.

After refreshing your hair with ourAvocado Moisturizing Hair Milk, brush or smooth your hair upward with your hands. Grab a stretched ponytail holder or a cut-up pair of stockings and wrap around the hair, leaving the top free. Pick hair out for a little volume, and you’re done!

Head Wrap w/ a Bang

As a slight variation of the puff, this is a cute way to hide hair that isn’t quite up to par, while still looking current. All you have to do is part out some hair at the front and put the rest up in a loose puff. With your favorite scarf or head wrap, come from the back of your head to the front and tie into a bow for flair or just tuck in the ends. Add a littleHoney & Ginger Styling Gel to the front for added definition and shine.


Here’s another style that’ll take you no more than five minutes tops and you can do this a couple of ways.

  1. Refresh and moisturize with a little water andBrazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Cream, then smooth the sides of your hair into the center. Using a few small hair combs or long bobby pins, secure the hair in place, leaving the front and back free or securing the hair from front to back for a definite “hawk” shape. 
  1. Divide hair into 3 or 4 sections by parting hair across the back, at the crown from ear-to-ear and a U-part in front. Leave the front section free and place the other sections into small puffs. Fluff loose hair together to create a uniform look from front to back. Slick edges with our Honey & Ginger Edge Gel and head out the door!

Double Twist Faux Bang & Simple Bun

People often assume this style is super complicated but this protective style is way easier than you think!

Part a u-shape at the front and put away for later. Using a bit of ourHoney & Ginger Styling Gel, slick the edges of lightly blown-out or stretched hair (can be an old twist-out, etc.) and secure into a ponytail slightly behind the crown of your head. Roll the loose hair under itself and secure in place with hairpins.

Create two very loose twists with the front section of hair, twisting tighter only at the very ends. Pin both twists to one side and fluff to desired fullness. That’s it! This can last you up to a week or so if you tie down at night.

Twist & Wrap

When all else fails, a head wrap is always the answer!

Start off by sectioning out some hair at the front and twisting similar to the style above. Take a pretty piece of fabric or scarf and do a simple wrap, bringing the fabric from the front to the back and tying once. Twist one of the ends of the fabric, bring forward and tuck it under the front. Twist the other side, cross at the front and tuck under the first piece. Adjust as needed and voila! You’re ready to run errands or head to that play date!

Keeping on top of your hair is a challenge when you’re a mom on the go. Hopefully, these five easy styles will leave you with more time to get stuff done or just spend quality time with your family!

What’s one of your go-to styles as a busy mom?

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